Qualified leads generation through a tailor-made Inbound Marketing Strategy.


Saqqara, a technology and strategic consulting company and Sage Platinum partner, helps customers to digitally expand their businesses through customized Sage business management software.


Industry: Software


Company Size:  11-50 employees


Use case: Onboarding HubSpot, retainer servicios marketing


Products: Marketing Hub Pro, Sales Hub Starter


Saqqara had a website that attracted low traffic with a low conversion rate of visitors to leads. On the other hand, they needed to optimize the volume of qualified leads by boosting the lead nurturing strategy they had in place.



We propose an Inbound Marketing Strategy with an initial focus on improving the website and blog, SEO on page optimization, content redistribution, calls to action with CTA's and forms. 

Meanwhile, we work on different downloadable contents adapted to each Buyer Persona and stage of the Customer Journey.

 Content reorganization and SEO optimization 

Several landing pages were created with the goal of reorganizing the content by categories, as well as the optimization of forms and call-to-action. 

We perform a keyword audit and propose improvement points. 


 Paid Campaigns

We carry out different campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to generate visits to the website and increase the conversion of qualified leads. 


Lead Nurturing Strategy

We implement the lead nurturing strategy with campaigns segmented by product, Buyer Persona, lifecycle stage, etc.

Using HubSpot workflows we implement automated and segmented email campaigns. 

We create digital content (ebooks, infographics, etc) adapted to each Buyer Persona and life cycle stage.

The qualification of leads was automated before moving them to the commercial phase.

"One of the reasons we chose mbudo is that they are a Hubspot Diamond partner, which allows us to count on their extensive experience and expertise to provide us with good advice to impact our clients in the best way possible." Marcos Sánchez - Marketing Director

Results and impacts

After the implementation of the inbound strategy, organic traffic to the website has increased by 54.72% through SEO optimization and content strategies. 

The volume of qualified leads has increased by 65% since the beginning of the project, which has translated into a visible improvement in business generation for Saqqara.

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