Cayro is a board game company from Alicante, Spain that has been creating unique moments for children and adults since 1954. They manufacture and distribute board games for all ages and preferences. They promote initiatives that encourage sustainability in the sector, such as the PlayForChange seal. With their platform, Clase de Juegos, they encourage the use of games as an educational tool.


Industry: Toy industry


Company size: 50-200 employees


Use case: HubSpot onboarding, Marketing services retainer, web development


Products: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub


Cayro was at a point where they needed to update their brand, gain greater online visibility, and optimize their internal processes. In addition, it was necessary to implement better-defined Marketing strategies. For all this, Cayro counted on the help of mbudo.

We divided the main challenges of the project into three parts: Marketing, Sales and Web Development.

  • Marketing:
    Definition of the Marketing strategy.
    Creation of new digital lead generation channels.
    Integrating the connection between Marketing and Sales.
    Segmentation of the database to achieve a unified commercial process.
  • Sales:
    Homogenization of the customer experience. 
    Professionalize the Sales process.
    Facilitate the work of Sales reps.
    Monitor and receive reports.

  • Web:
    Development of a new website in line with the new brand style and integration between HubSpot and WooComerce.


To meet the challenges of the project, the HubSpot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub were chosen, both with the Professional plan. Due to the size of the contact database and Sales team, they were advised to contract an initial limit of 7,000 Marketing contacts and 5 Sales Professional seats. The implementation of the HubSpot suite of tools took place during the first months of the project, developing a Sales and Marketing onboarding plan, with corresponding customized training for the Cayro team.

At the same time, the proposed solution involved working on the Inbound Marketing strategy, through content for the blog, infographics, ebooks, and publications on social networks.

Below, we detail the most significant tasks performed:

  • Creation of four Buyer Personas to segment actions and campaigns.
  • Definition of the customer journey for each of the Buyer Personas, detecting what type of content and actions they need at each stage.
  • Generation of SEO-optimized content for better search engine positioning.
  • Downloadable content for lead generation.
  • Social media strategy to generate brand awareness and community building.
  • Lead nurturing strategy.
  • Social Ads campaign strategy.
  • Definition of KPI's and creation of customized reports in HubSpot.
Caso de éxito - Cayro
  • Redesign of Cayro's website based on the new brandbook.
  • Web development in Wordpress.
  • Development of the product store with WooCommerce.
  • Homogenization of the commercial tracking flow.
  • Integration with their current ERP (Phoenix) and e-commerce platform.
  • Migration of the customer and order database.
  • Implementation of the HubSpot APP for the Sales team so that the tracking could be updated in real time. 
  • Customized reports for Sales team and area type. 
  • Connection with the inbox to streamline CRM registrations.
"mbudo has helped us define a more solid Marketing strategy and optimize our Sales processes." Lucía Molina - Marketing Manager

Results and impact

In the first four months after the launch of HubSpot and the Inbound strategy, Cayro achieved:

+20% website visits 
+53% contacts created
+38% orders per month
An average email open rate of 27%
Average CTR of 12%

Inbound Sales CRM - Mockup Tablet

Finally, the impact of the project on Cayro's current performance is quite noticeable. 

Cayro now has a defined Digital Marketing strategy, and generates a large volume of leads through online channels, not only through events and cold commercial contacts like before. 

In addition, its commercial processes use an appropriate and updated follow-up methodology. The reports that have been implemented allow for optimization of the measurement of the specific performance of each of salesperson

Lastly, the new website better reflects the spirit of the brand and encourages visitors to spend more time exploring the products.


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